CabinPanda-CabinPanda and Confluence Server Integration

CabinPanda and Confluence Server Integration

CabinPanda-CabinPanda and Confluence Server Integration
CabinPanda-Confluence Server

confluence is where you make, coordinate and speak with your colleagues about the job.this interface connects to confluence instances which are hosted by servers.For server-hosted instances use the 'confluence cloud' software.

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With the CabinPanda and Confluence Server, you can:

Let's get you started with Cabinpanda and Confluence Server integration. You will be able to send your submission data from CabinPanda to Confluence Server.

More about Confluence Server:

Confluence is where you create, organize and discuss work with your team. This integration connects to server-hosted instances of Confluence. Use the 'Confluence Cloud' app for server-hosted instances.

What you need?
  • CabinPanda account

  • Zapier account (It's Free)

  • Confluence Server account

Step by step guide

We will walk you through the steps of integrating with CabinPanda.

Create your CabinPanda account
Sign up and create your CabinPanda account. It’s very easy. Once you have created your account, you are ready to integrate with pretty much anything.
Go to the integrations section of CabinPanda
Here, you can see all the app categories that CabinPanda can integrate with. If you want, you can search for the specific app that you are looking to integrate with, or browse through the featured apps.
Select Confluence Server and click connect
Select the Confluence Server app and click connect for integration. This will enable integration through Zapier.
CabinPanda-Confluence Server

Get to know Confluence Server

documentation, teamwork, and coordination can make or break the team's efficiencyâĢĶand dignity.unfortunately, so many businesses are using a hodge-podge array of complex applications not built to work together, and are trying to prevent valuable knowledge from slipping between the cracks.confluence lets you create, coordinate, and interact from a single location.for example, you must build one or more spaces to house the material of your staff.pass rights for each team member are determined by location, so you may have administrative access in the "marketing" room, but only permissions for editors in the "product creation" area.

How it works?

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More about Confluence Server:

Triggers when receive subscription

CabinPanda-Confluence Server
CabinPanda-Confluence Server
New Page or Blog Post

Triggers when a new page or blog post is created.

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