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About us

Who we are

CabinPanda was founded in 2019, in London, out of frustration due to the existing tools not matching our needs and the high prices of such products.

CabinPanda is a self-funded Startup with 2 co-founders and a strong team of designers + devs working actively on improving the product.

CabinPanda is a product that is constantly growing and improving its offerings to its customers throughout the world.

What we do

CabinPanda is an all-in-one platform that lets you collect,analyze and leverage data with high-quality online forms for your website

CabinPanda is a data oriented platform. It includes features that help users gather data from their own target audiences.

The focus at CabinPanda is on producing and improving a solid product which fulfils the expectation of its users, when it comes to collecting data as well as helping the users with crucial insights regarding the performance of their forms.

At CabinPanda, we have an energetic team that can go above and beyond when it comes to improving the user experience of its customers.

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