CabinPanda-Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is CabinPanda ?

    CabinPanda is an online data gathering platform, where users can easily create powerful online forms without any coding skills.CabinPanda can be integrated with more than 2200 applications, where users can collect their data and publish anytime anywhere.

    On top of all these, you can choose to create your forms either as regular forms, backendless forms or conversational forms.

  • What can I do with CabinPanda ?

    With CabinPanda, it is very easy to create online forms, either as regular forms, or conversational forms to add more interaction and make the experience more enjoyable.

    There are a lot of different forms that can be created using CabinPanda such as:

    -Signup forms
    -Lead generation forms
    -Membership forms-Surveys
    -Feedback forms
    -Application forms
    -Reservation forms
    -Contact forms
    -Registration forms
    -Subscription forms
    -Scheduling forms
    -Evaluation forms
    -Event registration forms
    -Appointment forms
    -Request forms

  • Do I need coding experience to create online forms ?

    No, not at all. Just start from scratch, select the fields you want to add to your form and play around with field settings if you wish, or pick one of our hundreds of customisable pre-made templates that meets your goal. It’s that easy.

  • How can I add my forms to my website ?

    Share the link to your form with anyone and start collecting submissions instantly, or just copy and paste the code given to you by CabinPanda into your website, and you’re all set.

  • What browsers does CabinPanda support ?

    CabinPanda supports all modern browsers.

  • Does CabinPanda have conditional logic in its forms ?

    CabinPanda form fields do have conditional logic property, where users can set conditions and the form behaves according to the selections of the form responders.

  • Can you copy a form in CabinPanda ?

    CabinPanda forms can easily be duplicated and published elsewhere, either in the form of a new url link or can be embedded into another website.

  • Does CabinPanda have analytics features ?

    All CabinPanda plans come with our custom form analytics tool which helps analyze data and give you insights to user behaviours, giving you the opportunity to improve your conversion rate by reacting to user responses. All you have to do is to observe the responses and come up with business strategies to improve your conversion rates.

  • Is there a screen recording feature in CabinPanda ?

    All CabinPanda plans come with our custom screen recording tool which tracks all users visiting your website and records all of their actions such as scroll events, click events and enables you to see how your visitors are using your website. This gives you a chance to improve the user experience and make modifications on places where your visitors are having trouble understanding (which you will be able to tell at this point after watching these recordings).

  • How can I view the form submissions to my forms ?

    Very easy. While creating and publishing your CabinPanda form, you will enter the target email address for the form submissions. You can either check the submissions directly from that email address or download the submissions as CSV by logging into your account in CabinPanda.

  • I am experiencing problems with my forms ?

    No need to worry, as our CabinPanda support team is always available and would love to help out with any problems you may encounter. All you need to do is to head over to our Contact us form.

  • Is my data secure with CabinPanda ?

    Definitely. CabinPanda uses the latest encryption technologies to store your data and CabinPanda uses SSL to ensure that your data is secure on the way from your browser to CabinPanda servers.

    CabinPanda also offers on-premise solutions to our Enterprise customers.