CabinPanda-Session Recording

Session Recording

Session recording is a super tool within CabinPanda. It records all website visitors and their actions giving detailed insights. The owner of the website can watch and truly understand visitor behaviour and how the visitors are using the website.

Unlike analytics tools which only indicate the presence of a problem, session recordings show the problem itself. This way a faster solution/fix can be implemented.

Watch how visitors use your website.

Watch the struggles or even drop offs of visitors on your website, and tackle these issues. This is a chance to improve your UX, and. in return increase your conversions.

All actions are tracked.

Visitor actions such as click, scroll, mouse movements and keydown are all tracked.

Marketing people love it.

The insights from CabinPanda session recordings helps marketing people develop effective marketing strategies.

Sit back and watch how users actually interact with your website. Where they’re scrolling, clicking, where they’re getting stuck, or whatever they seem to like can now become a piece of the data that you collect and analyze. This feature will definitely help you boost your conversion rates by quite a margin. CabinPanda’s session recording is a big time winner !

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