CabinPanda-CabinPanda and Braintree Integration

CabinPanda and Braintree Integration

CabinPanda-CabinPanda and Braintree Integration

braintree is the fastest way to accept payments both online and with a smartphone device with a top class API, decent pricing, and immediate clearance.

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With the CabinPanda and Braintree, you can:

Let's get you started with Cabinpanda and Braintree integration. You will be able to send your submission data from CabinPanda to Braintree.

More about Braintree:

With a first class API, great rates and instant approval, Braintree is the easiest way to accept payments anywhere online and via a mobile app.

What you need?
  • CabinPanda account

  • Zapier account (It's Free)

  • Braintree account

Step by step guide

We will walk you through the steps of integrating with CabinPanda.

Create your CabinPanda account
Sign up and create your CabinPanda account. It’s very easy. Once you have created your account, you are ready to integrate with pretty much anything.
Go to the integrations section of CabinPanda
Here, you can see all the app categories that CabinPanda can integrate with. If you want, you can search for the specific app that you are looking to integrate with, or browse through the featured apps.
Select Braintree and click connect
Select the Braintree app and click connect for integration. This will enable integration through Zapier.

Get to know Braintree

regardless of what sort of online company or app you are creating, there is one key element you need: a platform for handling payments.a service that lets you safely accept credit card paymentsâĢĶand make sure your company isn't swamped by fraudâĢĶlet you concentrate on developing your business without having to think about financial infrastructure.Simple payment solutions like PayPal and other payment tools are available to manage credit card payments on their own site.So you need a payment mechanism that can be incorporated into your web and software to keep your customers on your site, and monitor the whole checkout process.BraintreeâĢĶpart of the PayPal familyâĢĶis only one tool for that.

How it works?

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More about Braintree:

Triggers when receive subscription

New Customer

Triggers when you add a new customer.

New Transaction

Triggers when you add a new transaction.

2 Zapier actions

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Try CabinPanda and experiment with its user-friendly, easy to use, easy to publish online forms that have lots of uses

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