CabinPanda-CabinPanda and PostgreSQL Integration

CabinPanda and PostgreSQL Integration

CabinPanda-CabinPanda and PostgreSQL Integration

postgresql is a popular open-source database engine featuring a special advanced query optimizer and hundreds of built-in features, making it an convenient option for databases in use.

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With the CabinPanda and PostgreSQL, you can:

Let's get you started with Cabinpanda and PostgreSQL integration. You will be able to send your submission data from CabinPanda to PostgreSQL.

More about PostgreSQL:

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open-source database engine with a uniquely advanced query optimizer and dozens of built in features, making it an easy choice for production databases.

What you need?
  • CabinPanda account

  • Zapier account (It's Free)

  • PostgreSQL account

Step by step guide

We will walk you through the steps of integrating with CabinPanda.

Create your CabinPanda account
Sign up and create your CabinPanda account. It’s very easy. Once you have created your account, you are ready to integrate with pretty much anything.
Go to the integrations section of CabinPanda
Here, you can see all the app categories that CabinPanda can integrate with. If you want, you can search for the specific app that you are looking to integrate with, or browse through the featured apps.
Select PostgreSQL and click connect
Select the PostgreSQL app and click connect for integration. This will enable integration through Zapier.

Get to know PostgreSQL

Most of the electronic systems that control our lives today started decades ago in academic labs at universities and corporates.the internet started life as apranet, a network sponsored between universities by the us department of defense, and was harnessed with the worldwide web released from cern's laboratories.unix originated from among other operating systems, bell labs that inspired bsd from berkley and linux from linux torvalds.any of the most common database engines of today have a similar lineage.ingress, a berkley database development initiative, lived on as its own commercially funded database, though alternative database apps like microsoft sql server and postgresql popularized the concepts.the latter, introduced in 1989 as an object-oriented database capable of pulling data from different media types (maybe a static database on a cd along with a local, hard-drive-based database), became one of the most common database engines after it acquired sql functionality to merge the best of both worlds.

How it works?

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More about PostgreSQL:

Triggers when receive subscription

New Row

Triggered when you add a new row.

New or Updated Row

Triggered when a new row is added or modified.

New Table

Triggered when you add a new table.

New Row (Custom Query)

Triggered when new rows are returned from a custom query that you provide. Advanced Users Only

New Column

Triggered when you add a new column.

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